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Ban tổ chức: Reed Expo China

Ngày: 10/04/2024 đến 12/04/2024

Giờ: 09:00 AM

Địa điểm: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center



WEPACK, along with its series exhibitions SinoCorrugated, WEPACK will emerge as a forward-looking, exploratory and influential super gala that covers the entire industry chain of packaging worldwide together with its seven exhibitions.

Set sail afresh to welcome visitors from home and abroad

As the exhibition organizer, RX(Reed Exhibitions) always prioritizes the health and safety of colleagues in the packaging industry. In order to tide over the shock wave smoothly after China pivoted away from epidemic control policy, the organizer closely follows the policy trend, takes the needs of general customers as the orientation, assesses the situation, and rapidly adjusts the exhibition schedule and venue. Under the premise of ensuring health and safety of participants in the industry and resuming production of manufacturing industry in an orderly manner.

The new exhibition venue and new dates are arranged for a better renuion. We are grateful to the exhibitors, visitors and partners who have given us company, understanding and patience. We will bear in mind the shared trust and responsibility in the past 20 years. We will continue to keep close contact with the industry suppliers at home and abroad, packaging plants and all walks of life and update the latest news of the industry and exhibitions in time, in hope of presenting an efficient and high-quality gala event. 

New dates in July to trigger more global business opportunities!

It is expected that more than 50 associations and 6,000+ overseas visitors from over 110 countries around the world will gather in Shanghai

As the world's second largest economy, China's relaxation of entry and exit restrictions will set off a chain reaction. A large number of overseas enterprises will come and seek business cooperation in China, releasing their blowout demand that has been inhibited for three years. WEPACK and its series exhibitions SinoCorrugated, as a gala event in the packaging industry worldwide, will serve as a powerful platform for overseas buyers to release purchasing demand and rebuild purchasing channels by then.

By then, it is expected that more than 50 industry associations and 6,000+ overseas visitors from over 110 countries around the world will gather in Shanghai to participate in the gala event!

Six major overseas exhibition groups worldwide gather in Shanghai for the first time after 3 years since the outbreak of  the pandemic

Since overseas pandemic prevention policies were lifted, international exhibitors who have kept close contact with the organizer of SinoCorrugated applied for exhibiting immediatelyThey booked the booths, and queued up for the booth slots. 

The brand awareness and influence of SinoCorrugated, an international industry exhibition, ripple through over 100 countries and regions, especially Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and other traditional European and American carton equipment manufacturing countries. The exhibitors' participation not only aims at the Chinese market, but also targets the commercial value created by SinoCorrugated, a global commercial platform. So far, nearly 50 overseas exhibitors and agencies from the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, India and other countries and regions have submitted their participation applications to the organizer, and are working out specific booth plan and other matters. By then, the grandeur of six overseas exhibition groups will re-appear in Shanghai after the pandemic outbreak.

WEPACK, along with its series exhibitions SinoCorrugated will renew the appointment with you in Shanghaiand join a global gala that sounds the clarinet of the packaging industry!

For booth reservations, please contact:

Adward Lu

TEL: +86 21 2231 7103

FAX: +86 21 2231 7183


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