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HELIDO S890 New Economical High Efficiency Solution for Face Milling

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 The new family was designed for rough to semi-finish, high-efficiency face milling, primarily on cast iron and steel components. The HELIDO S890 FSN face mills carry square-shaped inserts: S890 SNMU 1305 PN… with 8 helical cutting edges, which can be used for up to 9 mm depth of cut. The HELIDO S890 FSN face mills are available in a diameter range of 50 to 160 mm in coarse and fine pitch configurations. Every cutter body features coolant holes directed to the insert cutting edges, for the most efficient cooling effect. The inserts feature an advanced cutting geometry with positive rake, that ensures smooth milling with soft entry to and exit from material. They are produced mainly from the latest ISCAR SUMO TEC carbide grades, providing excellent performance and tool life. The winning combination of effective geometry, innovative carbide grades and 8 cutting edges, enhances productivity and reduces operational cutting costs. The new tools provide a very attractive solution for face milling applications regarding price per cutting edge. The HELIDO S890 FSN family is an excellent choice for general milling, especially in applications requiring machining close to shoulders or fixture constraints. The tool’s 88° cutting edge angle enables performing face milling very close to the sidewall.
ISCAR’s innovations will provide you increased profitability in rough and semi-finish face milling operations.
Source: ISCAR
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